10 Foods for burn belly fat fast

10 Foods for burn belly fat fast

Broccoli is a healthy vegetable that can prevent lung, skin, breast and prostate cancer and help you lose weight as well. It contains sulforaphane which can raise your testosterone levels and melt the excess fat in the stomach area.

Most people would avoid the following foods if they see them on the menu, but you should know that foods rich in carbs work great against fat buildup in the body. By adding these foods in your diet, you will easily lose stomach fat and become fitter in no time.

Integral grain

Integral grains are much healthier than regular grains. They contain 3 green parts rich in nutrients – combine them with lentils, chickpeas and black peas to regulate your digestion due to the high amount of fiber.


Peas, chickpeas, and lentils are ideal for weight loss and can target your belly fat specifically. According to a Spanish study in which subjects were given 4 meals a day consisting of legumes, they were very effective against abdominal fat and also lowered the subjects’ cholesterol levels. Legumes can regulate your blood pressure as well.

Black beans

Black beans will reduce your belly fat and help you build stronger muscles. A cup of black beans contains 12 gr. of protein and 9 gr. of fiber, and they also contain vitamin from the B group that stimulate muscle growth and reinforces your ligaments and tendons.


Oatmeal is rich in complex carbs and fiber that will improve your digestion and make you feel full for longer. The soluble fiber present in oats can protect your blood vessels and heart. A cup of oatmeal also has 10 gr. of proteins, which are vital for building muscle mass.

Chocolate milk

If you like to be slim, you need to build your muscle mass as muscles burn more calories than fat tissue. You can do this by adding 10-20 gr. of protein in your meals before and after training, and chocolate milk is the perfect solution as it contains 8 gr. of protein per cup. A glass of fat-free chocolate milk before and after your workout will give you about 16 gr. of protein, which is more than enough.


Bananas are the perfect anti-bloating food that can also reduce your belly fat. According to a recent study, women who eat bananas twice a day before meals can reduce bloating by 50%. Bananas can remove excess water and bloat from the body due to the fact that it’s rich in potassium.


Barley is great for your health and can reduce your hunger as well. It’s an excellent source of fiber that can regulate your cholesterol and blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation and improve your digestion.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is the ideal weight-loss food as it contains probiotics, protein, and calcium. According to research, people who consume it every day for a month lose twice as much fat as people who don’t.


A cup of blueberries contains 21 gr. of carbs as well as polyphenols, compounds that can prevent fat accumulation in the body. They can also help you build muscle mass easily.


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